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Dear Parents, Friends, and Sailors,

We hope that you all have been having an excellent summer so far! We can hardly believe that we are already two weeks into our July session. Despite a very windy two weeks, we are very impressed with the progress our sailors have made so far, and hope that you will have a chance to stop by the dock and see a few moments of class. Our Seaman class has done a fantastic job learning the basics of boat handling and rigging in spite of less than ideal weather. On Wednesday, July 9th, all of our Seaman two students received a special award to acknowledge their skill and courage during the blustery weather. The Mates have also had a few weather struggles, but have been able to sail each class session and are making headway towards learning racing tactics and sailing skills such a proper tuning and boat position. We are especially proud of our sailors that have come to our Junior Commodore racing series on Wednesdays, and hope to see increased turnout as the summer goes on! The Opti Skippers have been working on heavy wind sailing and advanced racing tactics such as roll tacking. We have been discussing regattas and are so excited that they are enthusiastic about trying a race or two. The 420 Devo class has been learning how to rig and handle 420's, which is no small feat in above average wind. Our Devo's have shown impressive comfort levels in the 420's already, and are becoming extremely adept at tacking and jibing. Our 420 Race Team, though small, has already learned an impressive amount of racing skills, including spinnaker set-up and trapping. We are looking forward to some upcoming team races with other yacht clubs, and are especially excited about our weekly race sessions with 420 sailors from Cotuit-Mosquito Yacht Club. We hope the summer will continue to go this well! Please see a few updates below:

  • Every Wednesday at 1:00 we hold Junior Commodore races followed by refreshments. All HPYC opti sailors are welcome, and they are a great way to practice racing in a fun, relaxed, and secure environment. We strongly encourage all of our Mates and Opti Skippers to attend! A sign up sheet for Junior Commodore snacks will be going up on the HPYC bulletin board. In the past, we have asked our snack helpers to drop individually packaged snacks and drinks at the yacht club around 1:00 on Wednesdays. Please let us know if you can help!
  • Please ensure that you secure and monitor your opti during storms of periods of high wind. We lock and secure the sail shed and the blades and try to check on the boats periodically during foul weather, but it is the responsibility of the boat owner to ensure that personal hulls are tied appropriately. If strong winds are predicted, we suggest checking on your opti and making sure the bowline is tied. If you would be extra cautious, you may throw a line over the top of the boat as well.
  • We are hoping to bring our Opti Skippers and our Mates sailors to a few regattas throughout the summer. In particular, we would like to send sailors to Hyannis Invitational, Barnstable Green Fleet, and of course, our own Invitational. Please keep and eye out for emails from Christopher White, and please consider these events! Regattas are very exciting and can be a great social experience for our sailors. 

We are so excited about the exciting events to come, and are looking forward to a strong finish to our July session. Please stop by the yacht club at anytime with questions or comments, and we hope to see you out on the water!


The HPYC Junior Sailing Staff