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Dear Parents, Friends, and Sailors,

We are so excited that summer is just around the corner! We cannot wait to get classes started and look forward to seeing both old and new faces at the pier this year. We have an excellent group of instructors on staff this summer, all of which are led by Chris White, our incredible Program Director of seven years. Please visit our "Staff" tab located underneath the Sailing Program header for more information.  Though we are still a month away from our start date, we feel it is never too early to start preparing for the sailing season, especially for our new members. Some important information:

  • First, we encourage families to start bringing their optis down to the docks as soon as possible. Optis should be stored on the opti racks on the floating docks to the left side of the pier, and blades and sails can be placed in the sail shed near the launch office. Please make sure your opti and all opti parts, including individual airbags, the sail, sail bag, blades (both rudder and dagger board), bailer, and blade bag are labeled with a black sharpie marker. If your child is enrolled in Seaman 2 or above, he or she will need an opti. If you do not own an opti, you may rent an opti from a local family (see the "Opti Exchange" tab underneath the "Association" header) or purchase a used opti, which are easily found online. if you rent or purchase an opti, please make sure that the boat has blades and sails. If you need assistance maneuvering your boat down the pier, instructors will be at the pier and available to help the week of June 23rd. Children that will be sailing in July should make sure that their optis are available and in sailing condition (complete with sail ties, airbags, bowline) by June 26th.


  • All students need the following items by the first day of sailing class:
    • Closed-toe shoes (Converse, Keenes, Tevas, Vans)
    • Sunscreen
    • Lifejacket
    • Whistle

      Optional (but helpful!) items are: water bottle, towel, sunglasses, and a hat


  • All sailors must take a short swim test at the beginning of the summer during class times. Your child will swim a short distance (under heavy supervision of course) without his or her life jacket and then tread water for a few seconds. It is usually a very fun experience and not a problem for most of our sailors! Please make sure to send a towel for the first few classes!


  • Parents and families may want to take a quick peek at the sub pages underneath the "Sailing Program" tab. Particularly of note are the "Sailing Handbook," "New Policies," and "Class Description," pages. Finally, please ensure that your account information (located under the "Association" header) is up to date, especially emergency contact phone numbers.


We are so excited to see everyone and are keeping our fingers crossed that June flies by! Check back for more updates as we approach the summer, and do not forget that our July sailing program kicks off on June 27th!


The HPYC Staff